Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Final Blog: The last 11 weeks!

Over the past 11 weeks I have learned a lot about using and integrating technology into my future classes. I also developed a love for it. This was my favorite class and as a result I want to take more technology related courses. However my opinion hasn’t changed all that much about technology integration because I already thought it was important. As a younger student and marketing coordinator, I’m part of the generation who can’t imagine a world without technology. I use it every day to influence possible buyers and can easily translate it into influencing students to learn. However I can’t say that my opinion isn’t exactly the same. I didn’t relies some of the advantages that can be used in the younger levels. Since I plan to be a high school business teacher I couldn’t imagine not pumping my class full of technology related learning but as a preschool or elementary teacher there are a lot of options also.

After 11 weeks I may have not changed my opinion for using technology but I know now why I should use it. Before it was “just because” but now I know that the next generations use it even more than I did and they communicate through it. I also know that the world is ever changing and if my students want to be successful they will need to be supported in using it.

I never thought I would make a website based on a lesson plan (webquest) and neither did any of my friends. They were all equally as impressed with this class as I was. This class was great because it makes teachers feel unlimited and connecting with students is easier. All in 11 short weeks, minus snow days!!

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