Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I listen to an Edtechtalk, more specifically #144 Various: NEIT2010 Reflection, Global Education Conference, and I choose to listen to this podcast because it talked about focus and more importantly distraction. I have never heard an Edtechtalk so I didn’t know what to expect. It was interesting. I thought it would have more information on the book,’ Focus, the simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction’, however they mostly just have a quick conversation about all the education related events going on in the world at that time. Even though I did not get to hear more about the book I did learn that these were all really smart guys, Alex, Irvin and Vinnie. I learned about the update about smart phones with Google docs and Swipe. I got to hear about the local conference that Vinnie spoke at and the Global Education Conference. Without hearing what the book is really about I did learn that it was free and if you actually pay for it threw Kindle, it is also very much worth the money. Mostly I leave the site interested in listening to more and none the less looking for the free PDF version of the book.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Digital Nation Reflection

Wow. I was expecting the movie to be all positive on the concept of technology. However I’m not surprised. I remember hearing about people dying in the Asian countries because of the gaming world. The only thing I had to relate to exaggerated video gaming was dating. It sounds off topic but it’s not. My friends and I notice a difference in the guys we dated based on age. Besides the obvious of maturity levels there were also the endless video game hours. The older the guy we dated the less we were subject to video games. The phrase "Sega Boy" which I first heard in an all time classic, Mall Rats, was used to describe this same type of guy which the strong, independent heroine dumped during the movie. When is technology too much?

Lately, I’ve been receiving invitations thru email to all kinds of parties: holiday, birthday, bachelorette and communions. My invitation for my wedding has always been something I dreamed about some day and I refuse to send it via the World Wide Web, but if I don’t will some people miss my wedding? If I don’t cater to the inbox and the mail box, I might lose my techie friends and families presence. There is definitely a gap between the digital immigrates and the digital natives but, I think the movie was more interested in the difference between traditions and ultra fast technology world we live in today.

I found the movie to be very interesting and difficult to pick a side. The toughest thing to grasp was the Military experience world. At first I found it morally wrong; however from a business perspective it is ingenious. It is both terrible and great. Here is a way to show perspective recruits what is sort of like a real battle. Then they can make a better or more educated decision before joining. Or this is a way to trick perspective recruits to think military or war is fun like video games. Unfortunately we might never know because our studies of the technology world are continuously out of date.

The principal was right when he said that kids tomorrow won’t have to remember information but will need to build, solve problems and other technology related activities. As a teacher I will believe both sides. I want to teach not only the basics but also the concepts to find the means to survive in the technology world.

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I'm a 25 year women who has a very busy life. I have a full time job as a marketing coordinator, a part time job as a server at a restaurant, a committed volunteering "job" as a U11 girls soccer coach and I'm going back to school for my masters to become the best high school business teacher in the worlddddd(creepy laugh). I grew up and currently live in the seacoast part of New Hampshire, however I did move to the North Shore of MA for a short time where I received my undergraduate degree. For fun I hangout with my old friends from high school, my new friends, play soccer, go to the gym and occasionally entertain my boyfriend. I was inspired to be a teacher by my soccer team. I love coaching soccer but I hate being a marketing coordinator, obviously there needed to be a change. Now its not that I don't love business. I grew up with business. My father owns and operates a successful small business in the seacoast area since 1977. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in taking the risk and making the sacrifices to have a successful small business right now in my life. But, boy do I love leading a pack. You might be thinking that I'm a superb soccer player. Well I'm not, no college experience and I wasn't anything to write home about in high school either. I just love soccer and know the rules of the game. The rest, I google. I play soccer myself, I'm still in contact with my old coach and i go to trainings. Well I know business and now I want to lead a new pack.