Wednesday, January 12, 2011

About me..

I'm a 25 year women who has a very busy life. I have a full time job as a marketing coordinator, a part time job as a server at a restaurant, a committed volunteering "job" as a U11 girls soccer coach and I'm going back to school for my masters to become the best high school business teacher in the worlddddd(creepy laugh). I grew up and currently live in the seacoast part of New Hampshire, however I did move to the North Shore of MA for a short time where I received my undergraduate degree. For fun I hangout with my old friends from high school, my new friends, play soccer, go to the gym and occasionally entertain my boyfriend. I was inspired to be a teacher by my soccer team. I love coaching soccer but I hate being a marketing coordinator, obviously there needed to be a change. Now its not that I don't love business. I grew up with business. My father owns and operates a successful small business in the seacoast area since 1977. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in taking the risk and making the sacrifices to have a successful small business right now in my life. But, boy do I love leading a pack. You might be thinking that I'm a superb soccer player. Well I'm not, no college experience and I wasn't anything to write home about in high school either. I just love soccer and know the rules of the game. The rest, I google. I play soccer myself, I'm still in contact with my old coach and i go to trainings. Well I know business and now I want to lead a new pack.

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